Isida Karpuzi

Isida Karpuzi

Co-Founder & Chief Sustainability Officer

About Isida Karpuzi

Isida Karpuzi is the Co-Founder and Chief Sustainability Officer of The Carbon Games, bringing a wealth of knowledge in architecture, urban planning, and sustainable design to the forefront of innovative transportation solutions. With over 15 years of international experience, Isida has made significant contributions to projects across the globe as the Principal of, demonstrating a keen ability to merge design principles with sustainability goals.

Her academic journey, marked by a Master's degree in Architecture and Sustainable New Cities from the Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago, set the stage for a career centered on environmental stewardship. Notably, she founded a preservation society, led initiatives for organic composting, and developed projects aimed at creating sustainable, affordable housing solutions.

Isida's career path took a dynamic turn between 2010 and 2016 as she embraced the digital nomad lifestyle, traveling to over a dozen countries. This period enriched her understanding of global urban planning and mobility systems, allowing her to bring a nuanced perspective to The Carbon Games. Her work spans various sectors, including residential, institutional, and commercial, offering design consulting that integrates sustainability into every project.

Isida Karpuzi's diverse background and commitment to sustainable urban development are instrumental in guiding The Carbon Games towards achieving its mission of reducing transportation emissions and enhancing urban mobility solutions.