Corporate Carpooling

Corporate Carpooling

Elevate your corporate sustainability and collaboration with The Carbon Games' Corporate Carpooling. Our platform uniquely combines on-demand carpool generation with comprehensive B2B reporting, offering an unmatched solution for businesses worldwide to reduce carbon emissions and enhance workforce connectivity.

Why Carpooling?

Did you know that by increasing car occupancy from 1.5 to 1.9, we could dramatically cut CO2 emissions by as much as 11.07 gigatons by 2050? According to Project Drawdown, this small change can reduce CO2 emissions and lead to trillions of dollars in operational savings— all with zero cost to implement.

Explore more compelling statistics for the world and your region below.

of CO2 emissions from transportation with 45% from private vehicles
commuters driving alone occupying only 16% of seats
urban emissions amplified during rush hours
parking needs escalated by solo drivers in urban areas
trips made by car on weekdays
trips made by car on the weekends
of travel modes involve car driving
of CO2 emissions from transportation with 45% from private vehicles
of CO2 emitted from commutes in the EU
is the average work commute one-way in the US
of CO2 emitted from commutes in the US

Benefits for Corporates

Reduced Parking

Fewer cars commuting to the workplace means less space required for parking, which can translate into significant cost savings and space optimization for the company.

Lowered Carbon

Participating in carpooling contributes to a corporation’s environmental goals by lowering its overall carbon footprint, particularly in reducing Scope 3 emissions for employee commutes.


Carpooling can enhance employee interactions, leading to stronger team dynamics and improved workplace morale.


Employees save on fuel and maintenance costs, while companies can take advantage of tax benefits associated with sustainable practices.


Demonstrating a commitment to sustainability can enhance the corporate image, making the company more attractive to eco-conscious consumers and potential employees.


Access to carpooling data helps corporations make informed decisions about workplace policies and sustainability initiatives.

Claim Carbon Insets

Carpool with us to reduce emissions and claim carbon insets. Explore our CarbonX Marketplace for more ways to contribute to a sustainable future.

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Carpooling can help achieve several of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) outlined by the United Nations by 2030.

Target 3.6
Reduce road accidents by half for safer streets.
Carpooling reduces the number of vehicles on the road, which leads to less chaotic traffic conditions, making roads safer for all users, and creating a more relaxed commute.
Target 8.2
Achieve economic growth through innovation.
Carpooling transportation options introduce innovation for user mobility, enhancing efficiency and sustainability.
Target 9.1
Develop resilient, inclusive infrastructure for all.
Carpooling enhances transportation infrastructure efficiency by optimizing existing vehicle usage and reducing the need for extensive road expansions.
Target 10.2
Empower all and promote inclusion in society.
Carpooling can provide affordable transportation options for people who may not have access to private vehicles, helping to reduce inequality in mobility.
Target 11.6
Create cleaner cities for a better environment.
Carpooling reduces the number of vehicles on the road, directly impacting air quality by lowering emissions from transport, a major source of urban pollution.
Target 12.2
Sustainably manage natural resources for the future.
Carpooling encourages shared use of resources, reducing fuel consumption per capita, and lowering the demand for individual car manufacturing.
Target 13.3
Educate on climate change impacts and adaptation.
Carpooling initiatives raise awareness about sustainable transportation options and their benefits for climate action, encouraging behavioral changes that support climate change mitigation.
Significantly reduce violence and save lives worldwide.
Carpooling can promote social cohesion and reduce road rage by encouraging people to connect with each other and share the road in a more responsible way.

Awards & Recognition

The Carbon Games was awarded at Dubai World Expo 2022 for the Future of Transportation Hack and featured in ExpoLive Global Innovators Programme Cohort 6.

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Dubai World Expo: Future of Transportation Hack

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ExpoLive Global Innovators Programme - Cohort 6

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