CarbonX Marketplace

CarbonX Marketplace turns shared carpools into tangible 'inset' credits, offering businesses environmental benefits and financial incentives.

Carbon Insets

Carpooling generates 'inset' credits, marking a shift from offsetting to active reduction. These credits offer tangible proof of organizations' daily green commitment.

Emissions Reduction
Sustainability Goals
Reporting and Compliance
Brand Image
Marketplace Participation

Scope 3 Emissions & Carpooling

Carpooling credits cut Scope 3 emissions from commutes. In our app, each trip becomes a minted credit, adding value to users' environmental actions.

CarbonX Marketplace and Pricing

CarbonX credits, priced in line with carbon markets, let companies offset emissions. Efforts in carpooling are financially rewarded, proceeds returned through blockchain contracts.

Transaction & Rewards

We support a transparent economy by charging a nominal transaction fee for each completed sale, ensuring that your journey to sustainability is also a journey to prosperity.

Benefits for Corporations

The CarbonX Marketplace offers a range of benefits for corporations engaged in sustainability and carbon offset efforts.

Sustainability Goals Achievement

Purchase offsets, reduce carbon footprint, and foster eco-conscious community.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Enhance brand image, loyalty, and customer appeal with a commitment to environmental stewardship.


Acquire carbon credits to align with global sustainable development goals and prevent fines.

Market Leadership

Position your corporation as a sustainability leader for a competitive edge in consumer decisions.

Financial Incentives

Gain economic benefits through offset trading, cutting costs or profiting from excess offsets.

Blockchain Integration

Ensure secure, transparent transactions and verifiable activities through blockchain integration.

Community Icon

Community Engagement and Networking

Network with like-minded businesses, fostering partnerships and sustainability collaborations.

Innovative Brand Association

Associate your corporation with innovation and forward-thinking in digital sustainability solutions.

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Join us at the CarbonX Marketplace, where every mile carpooling translates to a mile closer to a greener planet.

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