The Carbon Games

Driving Sustainability through Gamification

Our mission is to transform the way we think about and engage with transportation, making it not just eco-friendly but also fun, engaging, and rewarding.

Venture Studio & Startup in One

The Carbon Games functions similarly to a venture studio but with a specific focus on sustainable digital mobility solutions. It ideates, develops, and launches various initiatives aimed at tackling environmental challenges through innovation in transportation and urban living.

The Carbon Games is primarily developing these solutions in-house, using its resources to ideate, fund, and build these projects before they become standalone entities or integrated solutions and we are actively involved in the end-to-end process of bringing these innovative solutions from concept to market internally.

Our Journey

We have hit significant milestones, from winning the Future of Transportation Hack at the Dubai World Expo to being part of the Clean Future Accelerator Program in Lisbon, Portugal.



First concept development and competing against worldwide participants in the future of transportation hack organized by Siemens and Mastercard



Winner future of transportation hack at the Dubai world expo



Awarded NEAR foundation grant: to incorporate blockchain technology within the app



NEARCON IRL Hackathon web2 to web3 track winner for integrating blockchain technology within a mobile application



NEAR Metabuild Hackathon winner: bountyhunt solution - combination of carpooling and tourist exploration



GreenWave Navigator: smart ocean navigation solution for small vessels: winner of EMODnet OSL3.0 Hackathon - Invited to present our winning solution in May for European Maritime Day in Brest France



Return to Dubai complete for the ExpoLive Global Innovator Programme amongst 1200 applicants from all over the world. Winner and inclusion into Cohort 6



Winner: mobility track: Clean Future Accelerator Program in Lisbon, Portugal



Winner pitch at the European Angel Investment Summit



Invited to speak at the EMODnet Open Conference as an external perspective



Pay-Tech on-the-go: accepted into the paytech accelerator for tourism supported by NEST and MasterCard, for startups developing innovative payment and mobility solutions:



Featured as an Impact Startup at the inaugural Web Summit 2024 in Doha, Qatar

Why Venture Studio +

Specialized Focus

Deep Industry Expertise

Our focus on smart mobility enables the development of deep industry insights, making it easier to identify and innovate viable business solutions.

Synergies Between Projects

Working within the same field allows us to leverage synergies, share learnings, and cross-utilize technologies, enhancing overall efficiency and innovation.

Strategic Advantages

Network Effect

Building multiple solutions in a related field creates a network effect, bolstering connections, technologies, and market presence.

Brand Recognition

Specializing in a single industry helps build a strong brand reputation as experts and innovators, attracting talent, partners, and customers more effectively.

Execution Strategy

Iterative Development

Our iterative development approach involves lean startup principles, rapidly prototyping and testing ideas before committing significant resources.

Partnerships and Collaborations

We emphasize partnerships and collaborations with industry players, governments, and stakeholders to gain insights and facilitate integration into existing ecosystems.