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Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about The Carbon Games? You're in the right place. If you can't find what you're looking for, don't hesitate to reach out to us directly.


What is The Carbon Games?

The Carbon Games is a pioneer in gamifying carpooling and sustainable transportation solutions. We utilize blockchain technology to reward eco-friendly travel decisions, offering innovative applications and platforms to reduce carbon emissions and foster a global environmentally-conscious community.


How does the Radius-Based Matching Algorithm work?

Our Radius-Based Matching Algorithm efficiently pairs individuals with similar destinations, optimizing carpool routes to ensure the least environmental impact. It considers factors like location, timing, and user preferences to create the most effective and enjoyable carpooling experiences.


Can I earn digital assets for my carbon savings with The Carbon Games?

Yes, you can! Our Blockchain Integration converts the carbon savings you achieve by using our carpooling services into 'insets,' which are tradable digital assets. This incentivizes sustainable travel by rewarding you for your eco-friendly choices.


How can I get my workplace to sign up with The Carbon Games?

We'd love to help your workplace join the green movement. Simply share our demo page link with your HR department or sustainability team. Our demo provides a comprehensive overview of our services and showcases the benefits of joining The Carbon Games for corporate social responsibility and employee engagement.


How can we integrate The Carbon Games into our event planning?

Incorporating The Carbon Games into your event is a fantastic way to promote sustainability. Provide us with event details, and we'll tailor a carpooling solution for attendees. Our platform can help minimize the carbon footprint of your event while offering a fun and interactive experience for everyone involved.


I don't own a car, can I still participate in The Carbon Games?

Definitely! The Carbon Games is inclusive for both drivers and passengers. You can join an existing carpool or use our Carbon Meetup feature to connect with others heading in the same direction. This way, you contribute to reducing emissions and can earn insets even without owning a car.


Can my company get a trial of The Carbon Games' services?

Yes, we offer a 90-day free trial for companies interested in experiencing our sustainable mobility solutions firsthand. This trial period allows your company to explore the full range of features and benefits, including our carpooling applications and Carbon X Marketplace. To get started, simply contact us, and we'll set up your company with everything it needs to embark on a greener commuting journey.

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