Nikhil Mandrekar

Nikhil Mandrekar

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

About Nikhil Mandrekar

Nikhil Mandrekar, as the Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of The Carbon Games, infuses the company with his deep-rooted expertise in startup management, investment strategies, and a forward-thinking approach to sustainable solutions. Prior to pioneering The Carbon Games, Nikhil honed his skills as the Managing Partner at for 18 years, a tenure marked by his dedication to empowering startups and investors with essential investor documents and insightful market research.

An accomplished entrepreneur, Nikhil's career is distinguished by his strategic acumen and an impressive track record in business consulting. He has successfully facilitated the flow of over $500 million in capital to startups and venture capital firms, showcasing his proficiency in strategic planning, risk analysis, financial modeling, and sourcing investments. These competencies, combined with his passion for innovation, drive his leadership at The Carbon Games.

At the helm of The Carbon Games, Nikhil applies his entrepreneurial spirit and expertise to champion the cause of sustainable commuting. His vision is to leverage blockchain technology not just as a tool for financial transactions but as a means to create a more sustainable, eco-friendly approach to urban mobility. Through The Carbon Games, Nikhil aims to significantly impact how communities think about transportation, aligning his work with broader environmental goals and pioneering a future where sustainability and technology go hand in hand.